Vanvaas...your search for silence...ends here.

​Immersed in the holy land of Jageshwar, Vanvaas provides the ultimate in mountain living. Within a spectacular setting, Vanvaas offers plots and customized cottages in this silent valley , away from the road at a trek of about 30 minutes .

We also offer Apartments / Flats located on the road at the entrance of the Jageshwar cedar forest. Jageshwar Dham has an expansive walking trail that leads to river streams deep within the forest .  Imagine, the beauty and tranquillity of nature at your doorstep.....Your new home awaits you at Vanvaas

​for solo / group Vanvaas seekers.....

At Vanvaas we also offer options of voluntary vanvaas of 7 days and 14 days  .  stay and meditate at our meditation homes at Jageshwar and Ranikhet  . Give yourself an opportunity to experience the silence......

"हिमाद्रेरूत्तरे पार्श्वे देवदारूवनं परम् पावनं शंकरस्थानं तत्र् सर्वे शिवार्चिताः।"

​​​​​​​In the teachings of Hinduism the world is divided between what is manifested and what is not manifested . This corresponds to the relationship between sound and silence.......  there is always a silence that underlines everything  said.  Because of this..... the highest order of speech is considered to be THAT ......which brings sound back to silence.......... The goal is to bring about silence in the mind......... OM